The Risks Of Parking Bumpers

stands.22One of the most annoying features of most parking lots, either in the open or underground, is the little parking bumper. This little addition to most parking spaces is in place to prevent a parking vehicle from hitting the wall of the building by accident, or even to prevent two vehicles from hitting each other. What many people don’t realize is that these structures can pose a danger to pedestrians that is far more risky than you would expect. Parking is something that most drivers can learn on their first day of driving lessons, so these are not really necessary in the parking lots of nearly every establishment on earth.

Parking bumpers are dangerous in many ways
One of the biggest dangers that concrete wheel stops pose is that they are easy to trip over. This is true especially in the darker parts of underground parking lots. When you are walking towards your vehicle in that darkened area, you might not think about that evil little structure just lying there waiting for your clueless form to come walking towards it. If you are texting or on the phone while walking (as most people these days usually are), then you have a huge chance of simply tripping and doing a face plant on the hard tarmac of the parking lot. Its better you use retractable bollards Perth, which is best for safety.

They should be used when necessary
As funny as this may seem to you in theory, concrete wheel stops are a very real, and unnecessary threat to human life. Of course, there are some ways in which they could prove useful. For example, if a parking space is right in front of something like an ATM or a fire hydrant, then there is a huge risk that someone could hit the wrong pedal while parking their car and wind up barreling through these important structures. This could lead to you getting into a lot of trouble, maybe even having to pay damages. Using one of these bumpers in a situation like this is acceptable, although it still is rather risky.

However, the fact remains that these bumpers will never be safe enough for continued use in the parking lots of the world. Other than to protect important structures, what is the use of these features? There is no real purpose that they serve. If there was, there would be one in every parking space in a parking lot. Instead of this, there is a bumper scattered randomly throughout the lot, which shows that it is not even needed! At the very least, these should be painted bright yellow for visibility in the dusk and at night.